Alex Ring Gray

Composer | Improviser | Multimedia Artist


ELECTRONIC + Installation


Generative Series

Installation / App (2018-19)

Info / History Generative music is, in Brian Eno's words, "music that is ever-different, changing, and created by a system." In my systems, I have given the computer a set of parameters to improvise infinitely-long ambient works of music.

Under Stars
New York University, New York, NY (Dec 2018)



Collection of event scores, installations, and sound experiments (2017-18)


LP (2017)
Ambient music inspired by satellite images of Earth and space


Playing in a nightmare

Audio Installation (2017)
Paired with audio-reactive projections by Elise Stephens

Info / History

Featured a disintegrating version of Darude's Sandstorm. Daily improvisations were performed along with the installation.

Gallery 1010, Knoxville, TN (Oct. 2017)


Video Game Soundtrack (2016-18)

Info / History Bonne Chance is an French language immersion game. The soundtrack consists of an original score by Alex Ring Gray and Vicki Leona Nguyen and electronic arrangements of French compositions.

  • Presented at the 2018 National Conference on Undergraduate Research

  • Won Gold Award in the School of Art at the University of Tennessee's 2017 Exhibition of Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement


Sound Installation (2016)
Accompaniment to Kelsey Stephenson's print installation divining

Exhibition History Alberta appears on the 2017 LP Satellite Images

The Art Gallery of Grande Prairie, AB, Canada (June - Sept 2018)
Casa Gallery, AB, Canada (March - April 2017)
McMullen Gallery, Alberta, Canada (Jan - Feb 2017)
Rowe Gallery, Charlotte, NC (May 2016)
Ewing Gallery, Knoxville, TN (March 2016)